07 giugno 2013

Patrick Delorenzi's NEVER RELEASED 2009 "Sponsor Me Tape"

This is the 2009 NEVER SEEN BEFORE Patrick Filippo De Lorenzi's "Sponsor Me Tape".
I thought it was just too good to keep it in my HD, that's why today while I was taking a crap I decided to upload it for the whole world to see it. Plus, that's a suitable proof that he was actually "low-fat".
The amazing thing about it is that we filmed this in just 3 days (as You can see from the dirty hippie clothes he had on all the time).

I really love this guy right here and I miss those stress-free days so much.

I hope You guys enjoy the video at least as much as I did watching it again after 4 years.

Problematic for life! 

03 giugno 2013

The Kids are goin' HARD!

Lorenzo Ubino & Icaro Nardi on fire!